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Grain Mill


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The grain mill is mounted on a cabinet in the garage. Somewhere I read that the milling shouldn't be done near open flame, so the mill isn't in the basement with the rest of the brewery.

The garage is very cluttered. We haven't organized it since we moved in a few months ago. So it was a challenge to find a place to mount the mill. As a result, I wound up mounting it on the left side of a cabinet. This was a very bad thing. I have to crank it backwards. Someday, I may get around to cleaning up the garage and find a place to remount the mill (like the other side of the same cabinet).

RollMaster mill hiding under a paper bag in the back of the garage

Also on the to-do list is the addition of a chute or funnel or something beneath the mill. As it is, it's tough to get a bag positioned under the hole so that all the grain goes into the bag.

But, all in all, I am very pleased with my RollMaster mill.