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MayHawaiiguide.comGood place to make reservations for a luau. The Coconut Beach Luau was a blast!
AprilFrappr Groups - Group Maps for Online CommunitiesStalk me and lots of other people.
MarchYou TubeBroadcast yourself. And your animated music video for E-Rotic's pop song "Fritz Love My Tits." And your Mad TV skits. And your Richard Cheese. And your twisted bondage fantasy. And your drunken pole dancer. And anything else you might possibly imagine.
FebruaryLoose Change: 2nd editionGW demolished the twin towers. Popular Mechanics helps cover it up.
JanuaryLilnavywifeWell who else is going to drive the slut mobile?


DecemberHumble B. WonderfulA fine blog.
Novemberljdrama.orgThe best drama of livejournal.
OctoberLiveJournal.comLiveJournal is a simple-to-use (but extremely powerful and customizable) personal publishing ("blogging") tool, built on open source software.
SeptemberMike Walkerquite good animation for you
AugustMen's SOMUmmm.... yeah....
JulyAwful Plastic Surgerythe good, bad, and ugly of celebrity plastic surgery
JunedeviantARTdeviantART: where ART meets application!
MayI-Mockery.com - SHORTS!Random little oddities for your amusement!
AprilWijs me de Weg naar BenidormWijs me de Weg naar Benidorm!
MarchArt CrimesGraffiti
FebruaryOLD MAN TASTY AND THE LORDS OF THE FUTUREThe Future is coming...
JanuaryAndee's PageA truely lovely man.


DecembermyspaceA place for friends. And bands. And stuff.
NovemberFilm Strip InternationalGW is an asshole.
OctoberTHE ABOLITION OF WORK by Bob BlackNo one should ever work.
SeptemberWikipedia, the free encyclopediaPerhaps the coolest thing ever. It's a wiki about... everything... including Wikis, Internet memes including some that have been linked to from this very page (but with background information), Rammstein (heavy metal??? whatever), kink, The Kinks, ... Well, you get it... It's an encyclopedia.
AugustGordon Ludlow dot comAll this time I forgot to award myself!
JulyPanderers in JapanMy favorites are Arnold and Cage.
JuneSeattle Gas PricesThe cheapest gas in Seattle (and other cities).
MayDie WagenschenkeMove your mouse left and right to try to balance the drunk.
AprilSubservient ChickenPlease be nice to the man in the chicken suit.
MarchTurd WordsDefinitions of Dirty Sanchez, Felch, Bukkake, Minnesota popsicle, and thousands of other sick and twisted words. Strangely absent... Rear admiral, Valsalva, Tuna melt...
FebruaryKids ShowHilarious.
JanuaryYeti GoreA truely addictive Flash game in which you see how far you can get the Yeti to hit the penguins with a big spikey club.


DecemberQRIO DemoThose creepy Honda robots do a fan dance.
NovemberTowers are the playersGollum got rhymes.
OctoberFucking USAAnti-American propoganda video made by North Koreans and previously broadcast on South Korean and Japanese television.
SeptemberJohn Titor - Time TravelerA fascinating science fiction piece, or is it?
AugustProgramming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?Can you tell the difference? I got 8 out of 10.
JulyRotten dot comMostly gross and disgusting faces-of-death type stuff, but the occasional funny. The best stuff is at the affiliated Daily Rotten News and Boners.
JuneGay BarNot as tight as the state of the union remix, but equally brilliant.
MayFlashbackA little long, but very cool.
AprilFARK.comDrew Curtis' FARK.com
MarchBomb SaddamThe Bomb Saddam Song
FebruaryThe Smoking GunMug shots and arrest reports of the stars. Back stage riders from 134 acts--everyone from Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones to Kenny G and KC & the Sunshine Band.
JanuaryThe Kill Everyone ProjectGenocide has never been this easy! Or featured a chat.


DecemberThe Man With the Smallest Penis in Existence and the Electron Microscope Technician Who Loved HimI'll never view macaroni the same again.
NovemberFight! KikkomanKIKKOMAN(The Soy sauce Warrior)
OctoberAdrenium GamesThe Element of Thrill
SeptemberDantesToys.comGreat toys for kids of all ages.
AugustSTAR WARS ASCIIMATIONStar Wars (the original movie) in ASCII
JulyMario vs. SonicThe Classic Video Game Heroes Square Off
JuneKhai EpisodeThe Crazy Asian, Y2Khai
MayLook what I can do!Don't worry. I don't get it either.
AprilThe Brick TestamentBiblical Lego
MarchCruel Site of the DayThe very worst of the web.
Februarykitty_02Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Crank the speakers for this one..
JanuaryYatta!No doubt inspired by this.


DecemberPongVery funny!
NovemberScrumpdillyishus LandMy fav is "free will"
OctoberMonty Python and the Holy Grailin lego!
SeptemberHappy Tree FriendsCute furry critters with a touch of over-the-top violence.
AugustAnton MaidenAnton Maidens officiella hemsida. Här kan du ladda ner smakprov från CD:n.
Julyweeeeeegonads and strife
JunedrewLego porn
MayHatten är dinÄntligen! Uppföljaren till Ansiktsburk och Fiskpinnar, här är Hatten är din.
AprilCobray Video M10/45Femme fatale
MarchAll your baseare belong to us.
FebruaryIs Porn Legal?You decide.
JanuaryAm I Goth Or Not?Much like amihotornot.com, and yet not at all like it.


DecemberMy homepage in The Wall Street JournalThis was a scan of a WSJ article that mentioned Gordon's Way Rad Cool Groovy Web 'Zine O' Fun!
NovemberAm I HOT or NOT?The verdict is in. I'm NOT!
OctoberSave the Mountain WalrusBy far the best Mountain Walrus page on the web!
SeptemberLego CastlesNot the little kits that Lego sells. Really big, really cool castles.
AugustBibleman!very, very strange
Julyminervait was very strange
JuneBloggerI use it for my brew log. Most people use it to keep detailed accounts of every web page they visit. How will you use it?
MayX driveFree internet file storage that you can map to a drive letter.
AprilChoko-Blob / I Need A ChefIf you're in the Seattle area, give him a call. The food is marvelous!!!
MarchfatbabiesGame industry gossip of the worst kind.
FebruaryJynxsta's StudioA photo gallery.
Januaryea.comThe best place on the web to play games.


DecemberToscanoFor all your last minute Solstice shopping.
NovemberEarth:2025A massively multiplayer turn based strategy game.
OctoberSETI@homeSearch for extraterrestrial intelligence with your screen saver.
September?a r t
Augustgroov~a~zineit was groovy
JulyOutside The AsylumTo be perfectly honest, I don't know what this is. But it looks nice!
June Mongoruby's Big Wubba Web Pageperhaps The Most Useless Web Page On The Internet but probably not.
MayMagicTricks.ComIf you want to buy some marked cards or something...
MarchThe Days of My LifeIf you're stir crazy...
FebruaryTwoey'sHow many web sites have frontal nudity and a giant rat? This one used to.
JanuaryTina's HomepagePhotos and stuff.


DecemberSerendipityAn extremely well designed site.
NovemberParadox Page - The Incongruity of ThisOriginal prose and poetry.
OctoberMarc's HomePagewas very arty
SeptemberJ.W.'S M*A*S*H 4077th PageIf you like M*A*S*H, you would have loved this page!
AugustEmpty Trash TalkMore bad puns than you can shake a stick at.
JulyThe BreweryEverything else you ever wanted to know about homebrew.
JuneHomebrew DigestEverything you ever wanted to know about homebrew.
MayMuseum of DirtBye, bye, dirt.
AprilCentre for the Easily AmusedAmusing the world one person at a time
Marchthe unkept secretthe unkept web diary
FebruaryWhite DevilCommercial site showcasing the music of Charles Manson and ancient demonology texts.
JanuarySpank the monkey's Hardcore Movie ReviewDefunct


NovemberMoose MansionsIf you like the Spice Girls, you'll hate this page. Hilarious!
OctoberLobster's CoveIt made me laugh; it made me cry.
AugustUncommon SenseAdam'z yearbook photos for grades 4 to 12 and Latin homework!
JulyLand of CheeseThe web page is gone. Does cheese still have rights?
JunenonmenGone. So is "E-Z Action".
May2-GIRLZEmily and Chelsea have left the building.
AprilPit Viper's LairEver evolving site with some great links.
March.found.And lost again. But check out zannah's new site, m e t a z a n n a h
(which has a link to .found. at it's new location).
FebruaryCorruption in Michigan Courts!Mike's page is gone.
JanuaryDeanna and Farrah's pageNo longer active.


DecemberDangerGirlShe was DANGEROUS!

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